How Often Should You Have HOA Meetings in Savannah, Georgia?

How Often Should You Have HOA Meetings in Savannah, Georgia?

Has your community just formed an HOA board? If so, you are not alone, considering that there are over 358,000 HOA communities in the United States.

One thing you may still be trying to decide is how often you should have HOA meetings. This guide is here to tell you some of the biggest factors that you should consider.

Consider Your Legal Documents

The first thing that you need to take into account is what your HOA documents say. There could be something in writing within these documents that dictates how many times per year the HOA board has to host a meeting.

This could have been put in place for the sake of the homeowners to give them peace of mind. They may have wanted to make sure that there was not an extended timeframe to address certain issues in the community.

It is your responsibility to review these documents and see if there is an actual requirement for the number of meetings you have to have. If there is one, then you have to honor that number.

Size of Your Community

The next thing that you need to consider is how big your HOA community is. It could be as small as a dozen houses or it could be a large community that holds thousands of houses.

The size of your community matters because the larger it is, the more likely there will be issues that come up. Along with this, more people may want to have a voice at these meetings if there is a larger number of people that you have to speak to.

What you need to know here is that you will likely have to hold more frequent meetings if your HOA is on the larger side.

Number of Issues

Another thing you should consider is how many issues your HOA community has.

Are common areas in desperate need of renovation and maintenance? Is a natural disaster such as a hurricane likely to hit the Savannah area?

These are things you need to account for because when homeowners do have issues, they are going to want them addressed in a timely matter. Your HOA board needs to sit down and determine what issues are most likely to come up.

Once you do this, you can get a better idea of how many meetings you may need to hold. For natural disasters, you may even need to put a clause in the HOA documents that state an emergency meeting can be had after certain events like this happen.

Determine Your HOA Meetings Schedule

These are three factors you need to consider when deciding how frequently your HOA board will host HOA meetings.

If the HOA has already existed before you got new board members, go over the HOA documents to determine what obligations you have to host meetings. Then, do not forget to factor in the size of your community and the number of issues that your community faces.

Luckily, a community association management in Savannah can help you with this. Message us here to learn more.