Three ways you can help your guests experience the magic of Savannah

Three ways you can help your guests experience the magic of Savannah
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When you step outside in Savannah, it’s like you’re stepping into a whole other time because there is rich history everywhere you look. As the oldest city in Georgia and one of the most strategic ports during the American Revolution, Savannah has a long history for your guests to explore. From the cobblestone streets to the full, graceful tree branches you’ll walk underneath, going for a walk here in Savannah isn’t a typical experience.

Part of the appeal of renting your property for vacation rentals is showcasing the magic of Savannah. You’re not just selling a temporary place for a weary traveler to lay their head. There are cookie-cutter hotels for that. Instead, you’re selling the experience of (temporally) living in the city and becoming part of it. Your guests will look to you as a resource for what to do, where to go, and how to experience the city. You’ve got to show off all the places you love. So how do you do that?

Create a photo bucket list of the most picturesque locations in Savannah
There are so many beautiful and unique places to see here in Savannah. From the magnificence of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to the charm of River Street or the uniqueness of the Rainbow Row homes. Make a list of your favorite iconic spots to take a picture of, and leave the list in the rental for your guests. You could even make it a challenge and ask guests to tag your rental property in social media posts or share their pictures with you to display in the rental (with their permission, of course). It would be cool to display photos of guests who’ve taken your advice and visited some fantastic local attractions!

Team up with local Savannah architecture tours!
As one of the oldest cities in the country, Savannah has seen every architectural trend come and go. So there are plenty of historical and modern architectural tours your guests could take to learn more about the city. In fact, with over 100 distinct neighborhoods throughout the city and six distinct districts, your guests may have their hands full deciding where even to start! That’s where you can come in. A host’s tour recommendation takes one last thing to plan off your guests’ minds and makes it easier for them to focus on relaxing and enjoying themselves. Reach out to some local tour companies and see if they would be interested in offering a promotional rate for your guests or a deal. Hosting initiative like this might net you some excellent five-star reviews!

Display local artwork featuring Savannah landmarks
The art and culture season here in Savannah is vibrant. Immerse your guests into the art world of Savannah with locally curated artwork throughout your vacation rental. Make sure to display information on the artist or landmark depicted. For example, it would be pretty neat for your guests to see a painting featuring a famous landmark like the Wormsloe Historic Site or Chippewa Square, and then go and visit the actual place!

As a vacation rental owner, you know the appeal Savannah has. It’s why you bought property here. Now you want to let others in on the magic of this beautiful city by renting out your property. We can help you manage your property so you can earn some passive income on the side and show off one of the most beautiful places to live. With our help, you can turn your second home or vacation home into a successful vacation rental that’s fully booked year round. Book a call with us and let’s talk about what we can do for you!